Monday, April 30, 2012


Model ryann tillman photography by fly boy city yours truly mike mizzle Agency represented MMG Photobucket Photobucket This was my last shoot with Ryann before her retun to tennesse and back... Photobucket Ryann is the most persistant model i have shot so far, my friends always ask me why do i have her on my blog more than any other models, It is because of her consistancy in staying active, she stays on top of me about shooting her whenever she is around, she shows up to every shoot i schedule with her and always ready to work... Photobucket Ryann stands at 5'11 her amazing look expands her as a High fashion, commercial, lingrie, fitness model, she can be very versatile as a model, Theres no limitation on how far she can go in the modeling business and in life alone. Photobucket Model ryann ncole tillman fly boy city photography yours truly mike mizzle agency represented MMG

Wednesday, April 25, 2012


43 YEARS OLD KAWAMA ADAMS Photobucket Photobucket I met kawama about a year ago, he told me he was interested in doin a shoot, i asked him how old he was at the time, he says to me guess my age, i said you're probably about 34/35 years old, he says no i am 42 years old (wow)... Photobucket Photobucket Kawama has never had any experience infront of the camera as a model, but he was a natural, as i began shooting with him, i started to notice hes weak and hes strong points... With hes great modeling features especially for hes age, i would have to remind him every now and then to use hes eyes and make a connection with the camera.. Photobucket posing a male model is alot harder than posing a female model, because most male models are very stiff and they ususally would just stand their, female models are more flexible and can position them selfes according to what ever directions you give... Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket so i thought him few tricks on how to flex each and every muscle on the body, while posing and keeping a soft relaxed expressions on the face... Photobucket Photobucket kawama was great to work with, followed directions very well... model kawama adams photography by fly boy city mike mizzle