Monday, January 26, 2015

MODEL TIERRA CAMPBELL SHOT BY ME @FLYBOYCITY WWW.FLYBOYCITY.COM  photo 3785_zps62f12257.jpg Tierra Campbell is one of my favorite models to shoot with because shes always on Time, on point and raedy to work, she follows directions very well..  photo 3862_zpscd47ee20.jpg when i did this shoot with Tierra i had no idea she was as Flexible as she is, as the shoot went on she started stretching and Performing different wild flexible poses without me having to Direct her...  photo 3993_zps7d567784.jpg This images were shot at a hotel in downtown Manhattan, in the hotel was a gym, we sneaked into the gym and tried to capture as much images as possible because i didnt have permission to shoot their. 30 minutes into the shoot the hotel manager came and kicked us out lol, but by then we had already captured enough good shots  photo 3893_zps7d356ace.jpg  photo 3921_zps088687f6.jpg