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Model Latrishe MSAMODELS.COM photography By Mike Mizzle Photobucket When i Have an image in front of me, the first question i ask my self is what can i do to improve this image? sometimes i study an image for minutes before i actually begin the process.. Alot of times i try to archieve as much as possible during my shoot with a model so when i retouch i do as little as possible, but most of the time it never turns out that way... Photobucket Alot of times when i shoot with a female model, I usually Don't have a MUA available on set, So I am forced to Take matters into my own hands, With this image of model Latrishe I felt that the original image was boring so i wanted to add some life to it....., I applied her hair color and make up, lips stick, eyebrows etc... when i shoot images like this, I am very strict on a models hair, i am never satisfied with an image unless the hair is as flawless as possible... although it takes me a while sometimes to retuch just one image, all because when you take your time, you see the results... Mode Latrishe photography by Mike Mizzle

Monday, December 17, 2012

Model Tiera Nicole

Model Tiera Nicole Photography by Mike Mizzle Photobucket When I started this whole photography business, one of my main goals as a photographer, clothing line owner, and a business person is to stick to the high fashion world, i promised my self i will always be a high fashion photographer, but as i grow into the business i started realizing i will have to be as Diverse and as versatile as possible in order to build my clientele and also it will be the best idea in promoting my clothing line... Photobucket When i met Tiera Nicole for the first time, we bumped heads a little because i explained to her that i am not an urban photographer and i don't shoot her kind.. she didn't take it lightly... I almost declined on shooting with her but i thought to myself in these day and stage alot of this models are getting thicker, alot of my clienteles are urban style models.. Photobucket Going through her previous images with other photographers, i saw that she was bold headed and had lots of tattoos, something unique about her, especially with her very aggressive and blunt personality... so i agreed to shoot with her... Photobucket I had lots of fun shooting with Tiera Nicole... based on my shoot with her, my clienteles and audiences immediately changed rapidly and i mean literally almost felt like it was overnight.. You Attract a certain Audience based on the style and quality of models you shoot.. Fly Boy City is the new Breed in fashion, Style and photography, and i am very excited on what 2013 will bring to the table for Fly Boy City.. Model Tiera Nicole photography by Mike mIzzle

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MODEL SIERRA L, AGENCY REPRESENTED MSAMODELS.COM, WWW.FLYBOYCITY.COM MIKE MIZZLE Photobucket When i saw images of sierra for the first time, i was excited on working with her beacuse, i have never shot photos of a blond model, so it was only right to try something different. Photobucket when sierra showed up to shoot, she was filled with energy and excitment, her warm and caring personality made it so easy to work with her, she made me feel like we've known one another for a while now, and it was only my first time meeting and workinmg with her. she even offered to help me set up before we started shooting, i thought that was really nice. Photobucket sierra is a great model, shes represented by

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Model Shary Balbi Fly boy city photography Mike Mizzle Photobucket Shary balbi is one of the most ambitious and consistent models i have shot this far, her hunger for success is highly noticeable, she is very versatile and creative, she always makes my job easy when ever i shoot her, so those are the reasons why she is the beauty of the week. model Shary balbi fly boy city photography mike mizzle

Friday, June 22, 2012


MODEL SUSANNE SCHONNE GERMANY FLY BOY CITY PHOTOGRAPHY MIKE MIZZLE Photobucket When model susanne first contacted me about a shoot, she told me she was heading to ny from germany for one week and she is interested in workimng with me, i was really impressed with her looks. Photobucket Photobucket With her bathing suite i wanted to express the colors, matching the blue sky. Photobucket Photobucket Susanne is an amazing model to work with, she made it very easy to shoot with her, she knew how to pose very well without me having to give her much directions... Photobucket Photobucket MODEL SUSANNE SCHONNE GERMANY FLY BOY CITY PHOTOGRAPHY MIKE MIZZLE

Saturday, May 12, 2012


FUN SHOTS WITH MY SISTER Photobucket She wakes me up out OF my sleep just to take photos of her, no matter what time of the day it is she does't care, but its fine because i use to shoot her for practice when i started this whole photography business.. Photobucket Photobucket I didnt think i would like this pics when i shot them, but i ended up posting them on my blog, although i was half way sleep when we did this shoot lol Photobucket Photobucket My sis is an amazing model, she has soo many different personalities in front of the camera, its sooo easy shooting her because i neva really have to give her directions.. FLY BOY CITY PHOTOGRAPHY

Monday, April 30, 2012


Model ryann tillman photography by fly boy city yours truly mike mizzle Agency represented MMG Photobucket Photobucket This was my last shoot with Ryann before her retun to tennesse and back... Photobucket Ryann is the most persistant model i have shot so far, my friends always ask me why do i have her on my blog more than any other models, It is because of her consistancy in staying active, she stays on top of me about shooting her whenever she is around, she shows up to every shoot i schedule with her and always ready to work... Photobucket Ryann stands at 5'11 her amazing look expands her as a High fashion, commercial, lingrie, fitness model, she can be very versatile as a model, Theres no limitation on how far she can go in the modeling business and in life alone. Photobucket Model ryann ncole tillman fly boy city photography yours truly mike mizzle agency represented MMG