Wednesday, May 8, 2013

The Beauty of Black and White Glamour Photography

The beauty of Black and white Photography by Today, if black and white photographs are brought before you, you will most probably be tempted to ask, “Why black and white when I can get color?” The efficiency through which a black and white photograph can bring forth dark emotions like loss and depression cannot be compared to color photographs. However, when it comes to passionate emotions, Black and white Images always provides a unique look........ MODEL. STINA QUEEN  photo 58496-1_zpse9cf3ce0.jpg MODEL BRIANNA NICOLE  photo newfinal3_zps5ef19112.jpg MODEL EBONY ALEXIS  photo logo625897-1_zps0885d62f.jpg MODEL TIERRA NICOLE  photo BNW593258d-1_zps6e8e1f77.jpg KRISTAL OF Q'S FLAVAS  photo Untitled-3_zps917f4a25.jpg Model CHANTEL Alexander  photo Untitled32528-2LOGO_zpscacdaac3.jpg  photo Untitled32589-3_zpse1e7181b.jpg For most of the history of photography, black and white photography was a photographer’s only choice for taking pictures. Even when color became available, black and white photos were initially of better quality and less expensive to develop than their color counterparts. As its quality improved, color film became a more popular choice for photographs, causing black and white photography to decline in popularity. However, at present, black and white photos are enjoying a revival. Photographers are rediscovering the power and timeless nature that black and white film can lend to photos.