Wednesday, December 19, 2012


Model Latrishe MSAMODELS.COM photography By Mike Mizzle Photobucket When i Have an image in front of me, the first question i ask my self is what can i do to improve this image? sometimes i study an image for minutes before i actually begin the process.. Alot of times i try to archieve as much as possible during my shoot with a model so when i retouch i do as little as possible, but most of the time it never turns out that way... Photobucket Alot of times when i shoot with a female model, I usually Don't have a MUA available on set, So I am forced to Take matters into my own hands, With this image of model Latrishe I felt that the original image was boring so i wanted to add some life to it....., I applied her hair color and make up, lips stick, eyebrows etc... when i shoot images like this, I am very strict on a models hair, i am never satisfied with an image unless the hair is as flawless as possible... although it takes me a while sometimes to retuch just one image, all because when you take your time, you see the results... Mode Latrishe photography by Mike Mizzle

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